Traffic collected for the last 30 days

Acquire new customers

Through an app showcasing your mobile subscriptions

By identifying the most suitable offers from your portfolio for each individual prospect.

Straight to your target customer’s phone

By presenting on screen what they would pay for each subscription and add-on combination provided by your services.

Based on the traffic automatically retrieved from their smartphone

Facilitating the users’ decision and avoiding troublesome estimations on their part.

And calling them to immediate action

By proposing to subscribe on-line

Traffic collected for the last 30 days

Discover SIMTricks

Configured with your tariffs

The SIMTricks backend is configured with the products you want to advertise to your target customers

Tailored to match your brand identity

SIMTricks is customised with your logo, colours and media to become an extension of your brand.

Creating the perfect context for call to action

Extend your self-service through the SIMTricks app installed on your target customer's phones and available 24/7/365.

Customisation description
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Go to Market As Easy as One, Two, Three!

Specify the look and feel of the app

Customise the application according to your preferences, incorporate the questions you want to ask, and create a landing page on your website for requests originating from SIMTricks.

Decide on the tariffs you want to showcase

Let us know your subscription details and we will configure them for the application.

Include SIMTricks in your next marketing campaign

Invite your customers to experience for themselves the cost effectiveness of your mobile subscriptions through the use of Simtricks.

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